Xios XG Supreme

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Introducing the Xios XG Supreme DR. The latest addition to the industry-leading Dentsply Sirona Modular Platform, featuring unique interchangeable cable technology, which increases longevity and protects your investment.

Xios Supreme gives you an unprecedented level of control over your high-quality digital images, with a dynamic image enhancer, image preference presets, and industry-leading resolution that raises the standard of care for veterinary dental procedures.

  • Fast image acquisition - image on screen 5 seconds after firing

  • No processing required as this is direct digital technology

  • USB connection directly to a laptop or PC

























A Dynamic Image Enhancer Brings It All Into Focus

Xios XG Supreme's powerful image enhancement software also features a dynamic image enhancer that allows you to manipulate image sharpness quickly and easily. Just move the interactive image enhancer to the sharpness level you desire. It's a simple enhancement that gives you sophisticated diagnostic capabilities

Xios XG Supreme Modularity

Featuring unique interchangeable cable technology and remote module — paired with powerfully simple imaging software — Xios XG Supreme gives you an unprecedented level of control over your high-quality digital images.


Xios XG Features:

  • Resolution: 33.3lp/mm

  • Sensor Sizes: 0, 1, 2

  • Cable Lengths: 3', 6' and 9'

  • Connection: USB only

  • Software: DICOM 5