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High Frequency Intraoral X-Ray Unit

The constant potential high freqency generator (DC) provides sharp images with the highest levle of detail

Compared to AC systems, they also reduce exposure times by containing the dose administered to the patient

An fA focal spot of just 0.4mm - one of the smallest available - ensures images are always sharp and of the highest quality. High definition real-time imaging 

Features include: 


1. Simple Controls

Easy to learn, the MYRAY eXtend's multi-mode automatic

exposure parameter modulation always ensures optimal

time and power selection. Parameters are, in fact, adjusted

automatically according to the size of the patient and the

region under investigation


2. Precision diagnostics

An embedded collimator cone gives a source-to-skin

distance of 30cm. This increases X-ray parallelism providing

more precise images, lower doses and ensuring greater 

attention to patient health 


3. Optimum ergonomics for Bisecting Angles

The ergonomic handle is designed to maximise grip comfort

and ensure easy, stable positioning of arms and tube head.

A protractor with a graduated scale allows optimal 

repositioning of the tube head to help achieve the bisecting



RXDC eXTEND Wall mounted Unit
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