Lightweight, portable, handheld.

The Cocoon is the next generation hand-held x-ray device

Stay with your patients

Walking in and out of the room to activate X-rays is impractical and inefficient. The X-ray arm can drift, casugin repeated retakes and frustration. The Cacoon solves these issues by allowing you to stay with your patient throughout the X-ray process, producing faster; clearer and more precise images in just one take.


Sharp, clear images 

High Resolution X-Rays

The MaxRay Cocoon produces sharp, high resolution images with a 0.4mm focal point.
At 70kV the MaxRay generator produces clear images at a low dose.

Long lasting batteries

500+ x-ray images on 2 hours charge. The cocoon has next generation battery technology meaning you can take 500 images on a single charge. The batteries are easy to charge with the innovative charging cradle stand.


Innovative display

The cocoon has an easy to use touch display with veterinary  icons. It also has a range of optional voice prompts to guide you through the process.