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NOMAD Pro 2 

The Nomad Pro 2 portable X-ray systems are the most advanced X-ray systems on the market. The handheld design improves dental radiography speed, convenience, and quality.

The NOMAD Pro 2 uses rechargeable Lithium Polymer handsets and weighs just 2.5 kilos. 


Advantages of Handheld Radiography for Veterinary Professionals

  • Stay with the patient during X-ray procedures

  • Take radiographs twice as fast as with conventional x-ray systems

  • Use any table as an X-ray table

  • Reduce the number of retakes significantly

  • Move handheld X-ray devices from room to room, eliminating the need for multiple units

  • Carry anywhere – ideal for clinics, animal hospitals, and out-of-the-office fieldwork

  • Perfect for dental angles and also very useful during orthopaedic procedures, quick diagnostic checks on limbs, extremities, post-op checks etc

Enhanced control features, lighter weight!

The NOMAD Pro 2 weighs just 2.5 kilos. Use the icons on the top panel to select the size of animal and the type of media used (standard film, digital sensor, or phosphor plate). Then simply select the type of radiograph needed, aim and pull the trigger. The kV and mA are set, so only the time changes.

A Higher Level of Medical Care

The high quality radiographic images enable fast, accurate diagnoses. And because it's handheld, you can stand right with the animal during the X-ray procedure. No more leaving the room!


The NOMAD Pro 2 is the original, patented handheld X-ray. It is extremely user-friendly for reduced training times. It is compatible with all film and digital X-ray viewing types.

Ultimate Convenience

The Nomad Pro 2 handheld X-ray device provides high quality X-rays without the clumsy arms, cords, tables or rolling stands associated with conventional X-ray devices. Now you can take the X-ray to the patient, not the patient to the X-ray, and take X-rays from virtually any angle.

Dental Specific

The NOMAD Pro 2 is optimal for intraoral X-ray images. It easily positions for hard-to-get periapical angles.


Perfect for veterinary dental applications and great for limbs and extremities. And because of its rechargeable handle, you can take it anywhere, in or out of the office, bringing more profit to your practice!

Save Time

Reduce procedural times and patient discomfort while maintaining a sterile environment with this incredibly convenient cordless X-ray. No more waiting for the X-ray room to become available! You can take X-rays wherever the patient is located. Every table is now potentially an X-ray exam table [subject to local rules].


Save Space

This small and compact handheld unit needs no installation, no wall mounting, no custom cabinetry, no custom electrical, no rolling tripods, and no special rooms or remodeling. The NOMAD Pro 2 handheld X-ray works right out of the box. Just charge the battery, point and take the X-ray!


Limbs and Extremities

View injured limbs and extremities without anaesthesia. Reduces patient panic and discomfort with faster X-rays. No need to move injured patients— just take the NOMAD Pro 2 right to the animal. Expedites patient diagnosis.


Equine/Large Animal

The NOMAD Pro 2 is convenient for large animal dental X-rays taken in the field or in the barn. The device is 100% battery-powered and does not require an electrical outlet except for charging.



The 60kV DC X-ray generator provides constant radiation output, resulting in faster X-rays, and lower patient radiation doses. Special lead-free internal shielding and an external backscatter shield protect the operator from unwanted exposure. Radiation exposure with the NOMAD Pro 2 is well below the allowed occupational dose under normal operation.

Nomad Pro 2
Andrew Perry with Nomad Pro 2

Andrew Perry posing with the Nomad prior to adding his lead apron for exposure

Andrew Perry demonstrating the Nomad prior to putting on a lead apron and taking an exposure on Kamal the lion during RCT at Bristol Zoo.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 14.04.49.png

Demonstrating the Nomad prior to putting on a lead apron and taking an exposure on Kamal the lion during RCT at Bristol Zoo.

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