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Xios AE

Xios AE Intraoral Sensor

Xios AE is the most advanced intraoral digital sensor in the veterinary dental industry. With a theoretical resolution of 33 line pairs per millimetre and a new powerful Advanced Exposure technology with an increased dynamic range, it is near impossible to take a poorly exposed image.


Advanced Exposure

 The new Advanced Exposure technology combines market-leading image quality with advances in filtering enhancements and a broadened exposure spectrum, granting a solid base for safe diagnostics, even in lower X-ray dose ranges. Furthermore, the switch to a new ultrasonically welded housing provides even higher protection from potential moisture penetration, while still allowing for an easy do-it-yourself cable exchange ensuring that the customer’s investment is secure.

Clear, Reliable Imaging

33 lp/mm theoretical resolution



Alongside the market leader Xios XG Supreme, the Xios AE intraoral sensor provides 33 lp/mm image resolution, bringing a high level of clarity, sharpness and detail to your digital radiography. Clarity is the most cited technical factor for quality imaging. Outstanding image resolution is essential for defining edges, identifying caries and determining a number of other various indications during your patient examination.

Xios AE Hygienist
Xios AE Cable Change

Easy cable exchange



In the event that a cable gets damaged, you can change it completely in-house and within minutes. Replacing cables is as simple as loosening two screws, saving time and guaranteeing no lost productivity while protecting your investment

Fast aquisition

The high quality images are proceessed within seconds



This gives you more time to prepare and diagnose the images.

Xios AE with Sidexis 4
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