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WS Defender

The Defender protects dental professionals working closely to the oral cavity by reducing instrument aerosol or droplets exhaled from the patients mouth


It’s possible to limit the risk of virus transmission by way of a suction device that intercepts the exhaled air, saliva droplets and aerosol emitted by patients and dynamic instruments.

WS Defender
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Using the WS Aerosol Defender device during dental treatment protects personnel working close to the patient’s oral cavity. Reducing aerosol significantly reduces the risk of spreading pathogens in the air surrounding the oral cavity. It follows that proper use of the device protects against contamination from airborne diseases that derive from aerosol contaminated with viruses, bacteria or other toxic substances.


Suitable for all treatment circumstances,
the device can be used both for treatments requiring use of the dam and those that do not require it. It does not in any way hinder treatment and maintains the acquired ergonomics. Thanks to the structure of the device and the integrated mobile arch system for the dam, WS Aerosol Defender also acts as a handy dam tensioner to optimise its stability. Even where treatment is performed without a dam, a combination of practical rubber bands and chin adapter allows correct positioning on the patient’s face.

WS Defender
WS Defender


While a fixed suction system intercepts, without distinction, a part of the aerosol, WS Aerosol Defender is designed to have a targeted effect on the quadrant of the oral cavity requiring treatment. Its dual rotation system, consisting of a mobile arch and connector, optimises suction effectiveness in every situation. Furthermore, the flat shape of the interceptor allows for a broader suction zone and better aerosol capture than with a circular opening.


WS Aerosol Defender constitutes an investment for dentists who wish to avoid single-use material waste. To ensure maximum hygiene with each re-use, the device can be dismantled and autoclaved some 200 times. The resulting cost per application is therefore very low.

WS Defender
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