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Continu Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam (600ml)

Continu Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam (600ml)

SKU: ABC-2002

Alcohol free disinfection solution that can be used safely on skin without causing dryness or irritation. Users say that Continu has a conditioning effect even with constant use. Some customers have also reported that after using Continu, dermatitis and other skin conditions have improved. Continu hand sanitisers are available either as a disinfectant foam for use without water between patients or as an anti microbial soap for surgical scrubs and to clean hands between sessions.


Continu Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam cleans and disinfects hands to EN test standards without leading to the skin irritation often associated with alcohol based solutions. The solution uses a mild but powerful formula which is gentler on hands than traditional surgical scrubs and also has a pleasant neutral smell

Our Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam is supplied as a box of 6 x 600ml pump bottles, which can be wall mounted to ensure compliance to HTM 01-05 with requires that “wall mounted  liquid hand wash dispensers with disposable cartridges should be used”

CONTINU Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Soap is also available as a 1 litre disposable pouch for wall mount dispensers.


  • 6x 600ml bottles with pump dispensers

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