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The Most Effective and Affordable Whole Room Disinfection Solution for Dental Practices. One of few 6 LOG Disinfecter 



Kills 99.9999% of resistant C.difficile spores, even in beyond human and UV reach


Safely decomposes into water, oxygen and non-toxic silver compounds


Empowers staff with intuitive operator controls and a simple, no rinse formula wipe


Reduces operating costs with a maintenance free design and affordable disinfectants


Disinfects diverse spaces and places throughout dental practices

The Formula

Using hydrogen peroxide and silver disinfectant formula applies two mechanisms of killing action to destroy a broad spectrum of microorganisms and provide antimicrobial qualities for maximum impact.

The Delivery

The Halofogger generates a turbulent aerosol that uses evaporation to ensure the uniform delivery of ICS Disinfectants throughout complex rooms - even in the areas beyond the reach of humans and UV lights. HaloFogger's exceptionally dry aerosol is safe for use around delicate laboratory and manufacturing equipment

The Result

The Halo Disinfection System is EPA-validated to destroy a diverse range of spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses (incl. Corona Virus). The full list can be viewed below

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