Aspi-Aero 25 Aerosol Removal System

The Aspi-Aero 25 is a brand new extra oral dental suction system for removing aerosols when carrying out aerosol generating procedures (AGPs)


Aerosols are differentiated based on particle size: spatter (> 50 μm), droplet (≤ 50 μm), and droplet nuclei (≤ 10 μm).

In dental settings, 90% of the aerosols produced are extremely small (< 5 μm).

  • Spatter, being the larger particle, will fall until it contacts other objects (e.g., floor, countertop, sink, bracket, table, computer, patient or operator).

  • Droplets remain suspended in the air until they evaporate, leaving droplet nuclei that contain bacteria related to respiratory infections.

  • Droplet nuclei can contaminate surfaces in a range of three feet and may remain airborne for 30 minutes to two hours. If inhaled, the droplet nuclei can penetrate deep into the respiratory system.


Aspi-Aero 25 is equipped with moisture separation for liquid collection, protecting the HEPA filter from water ingress. This is emptied using the LVE (11mm) suction on the chair or tip support ensuring no contact with any potentially hazardous liquids.

Aspi-Aero also includes a fully adjustable arm which can rotate to provide aspiration from a wide area and a handle on the unit allows for easy maneuverability.

Aspi-Aero 25 comes equipped with a HEPA H14 antibacterial, carbon activated filter with increased surface area to permit high airflow, has a high efficiency rating and certified to EN 1822.

This unit can be fitted with two interchangeable attachments:

• 25mm nozzle to remove aerosols from a precise area. (Fig 1)

• Shield to collect aerosols and protect from spatter (Fig 2)

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